Corporate Branding for DGS 為寬生活製品企業識別系統

身為國際ICTI A級製造工廠的為寬,以安心、貼心、窩心三大信念,要求每件出廠的商品;黃色微笑,象徵著 為寬 朝氣溫暖的形象,每個客戶都可安心地將製造商品的需求,交付給這位可靠的製作夥伴。


MEMES develps corporate identity for David’s Goods Co. Ltd. DGS is a rated A manufacturer by International Council of Toy Industries with the core values of safe, thoughtful and comfort. The yellow smile on the corporate visual design represents heart-warm image that DGS has showed to their customers for years. DGS is considered as a corporate that capable of fulfilling all the needs and trusted by all its customers.



  • Client
  • Designer
  • Creative Director
  • 2014