Corporate Identity – KANON カノン

位於日本大阪市巷弄中的高端沙龍館 - KANON,迷母以”美 ”意象設計出利落別緻的品牌LOGO,空間則以都會人士所喜愛的雅痞風格做內部規劃,不論是迎賓櫃台到沙發、鏡子的選擇,處處能感受優雅氣息。更直接以KANON品牌LOGO代替了舊有想像的落地窗貼,一方面保有顧客於體驗上的隱私感,更將業主的品牌識別做到最大的展現。


MEMES develops corporate identity for KANON, a high-end salon in Osaka. MEMES develops its corporate identity with a core value of “beauty” on its logo. MEMES uses young, urban, professional style to set up its interior design throughout the salon from the reception counter, armchairs to mirrors. The film on its French window is layered with KANON brand logo; in this way it is able to keep experiences of all customers in private and maximize its branding identity display at KANON salon.



  • Client
  • Designer
  • Creative Director
  • 2019