Event Design – 7-Eleven City Blends in Philippines Giveaway Set - The Coffee Stirrers 菲律賓7-11 cityblends咖啡禮贈品

迷母替菲律賓7-11集團,打造旗下自有咖啡品牌cityblends 規劃季度禮贈品設計,菲律賓人民非常喜歡美式文化的鼓勵標語,以這樣的思考下,規劃出兩用途的咖啡攪拌棒筆,除了能作為平時喝咖啡的攪拌棒,不使用也能當作療鬱的辦公文具品! 此案迷母將台灣販促思維成功推進菲律賓,成功讓菲律賓cityblends 的消費客單提高至70%。


MEMES designs and plans the seasonal marketing promotion for City Blends, the private coffee brand of 7-11 in Philippines. Knowing Filipinos love American slangs, MEMES includes their preference into the designs of these multi-use coffee stirrers for City Blends.

The giveaway items are not only coffee stirrers but pens as well. This success marketing promotion strategy has led to a 70% of increase in expending per consumer for City Blends.



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  • 2018