Packaging Design – 美味堂 × Oldsichuan Co-branding Taiwanese Braised Dish 美味堂 X 老四川滷味 食品包裝設計

這次替全聯《美味堂》與《老四川》合作的麻辣滷味攤系列進行包裝設計,本系列我們採用最能代表川味的 「辛、辣」 為主要設計概念,採用大紅袍花椒色系,貫穿整個包裝,減少多餘的設計,活用透明包裝,大方展現食材本身美味多汁、香氣絕佳的容貌。


MEMES designs the packaging design of the co-branding Taiwanese spicy braised dish of Oldsichuan and美味堂, the private food brand of PX Mart. 
The packaging design uses red to represent “hot and spicy” throughout its whole packaging. 
In addition, the transparent design is used in order to make all consumers to see these delicious and mouth-watering dishes easily while shopping..



  • Client
  • Designer
  • Creative Director
  • 2020