Packaging Design – We Sweet × 108 MATCHA SARO Co-branding Desserts 全聯 Read Bread 一〇八抹茶茶廊 系列甜品包裝設計

數字 108 於日本象徵「 茶壽 」吉祥雅稱,本作以 「 茶 」為體,拆解《一〇八抹茶》品牌名,以數字「二十」化作茶字「卄」型、再以數字「八十八」化作茶字「八木」型,總合出「一〇八 」數字,完美演繹 “茶與茶壽”之意。色彩規劃以大火焙炒出的香氣褐色,象徵「 焙茶 」系列甜品;以茶葉・蒸青・碾磨而成的醇濃抹茶綠,代表「抹茶」系列甜品。底紋則以「茶杯」鋪墊出 —— 享茶點,配杯回甘濃茶的絕佳意境。


MEMES designs the packaging design of the co-branding desserts of We Sweet and 108 MATCHA SARO. The Chinese word, “茶, tea” which is formed by different characters, “卄” on the top, and “八木” at the bottom. These characters add up to the number 108 which symbolizes longevity of tea in Japan. On the packaging design, the roasted tea flavor dessert is designed in brown to show the delicacy of the roasted tea. The color of green on matcha dessert shows the richness of matcha. The design bottoms with Chinese teacups to create the amazing and relaxing image of having tea and snack to your mind.


《 一〇八抹茶茶廊》のシックで上品なブランドイメージを台湾の消費者に改めて認識してもらおうとキービジュアルのモチーフから、色分配など様々な試行錯誤を経ってやっと満足できた作品です。市場調査で結果的に売り上げにも繋げた自信作です。

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  • 2021